Beta Evers grew up with early New German Wave and the darker side of European New Wave. In her teenage years she played in a female New Wave/Punk band and had 2 releases. She organized parties, she wrote for fanzines and she always collected vinyl. In the year 2000 she founded Kommando 6 with the idea to make it an local electro network. She is also responsible for the Kommando 6 label, that she started soon after in 2001. In the same year she began to produce as Beta Evers. She released 2 EPs on Kommando 6 and 1 EP on the "Bunker"-sublabel "Creme Eclipse", as well as some tracks on compilations of various labels. Together with Dystronic she has a side-project called "Black Spider Clan" since 2002. (more bio and complete discography at:

Beta Evers Releases on Kommando 6:
- DOWN BABY! for V.A. "Dark Rooms", LP. K6-I, 2002
- OUTRO for V.A. "Dark Rooms", LP. K6-I, 2002
- PASSION. EP with 5 tracks. K6-II, 2002
- AUS DER TIEFE for V.A. "Dark Connections", K6-VI, 2003
- ERUPTION. EP with 4 tracks. K6-XX, 2005

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