Dystronic is a one-man project from Augsburg (South-Germany), founded in 2001. Dystronic's musical history begins in the 1980s, - with New Wave, Metal and Punk. He played as drummer in two Punk bands and in a Grindcore band. Mid of the 1990s he returned to Electronic Music and started to produce his own tracks as "Dystronic". At Kommando 6 he released an EP triology. Together with Beta Evers he has a side-project called "Black Spider Clan" since 2002 and in 2004 he founded the local network "Simulacron", where he co-operates with Kommando 6 ("Dark Shots" DVD, 2005) and other labels.

Releases on Kommando 6:
- "Kalte Stadt" (for V.A. "Dark Rooms", K6-I), 2002
- "ROUGH REALITY" (6 track EP, K6-V), 2003
- "Form und Substanz" (for V.A. "Dark Connections", K6-VI), 2003
- "RAW DEAL" (4 track EP, K6-XIII), 2004
- "Electric Night" for V.A. "Electric Nights" Vol.1, K6-XVII), 2005
- "RUDE TUNES" (5 track EP, K6-XIX), 2006


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