C.Kent (aka Charly Kent) and Benzol (aka The Invisible) from Augsburg (South-Germany) decided to make some music together in 2001. In the following years they worked in various constellations and projects. Sometimes they worked solo, sometimes they played together. In some of their studio-sessions, the mysterious Ladies A. and V. took part... Their last team-work was in fall 2004; the result can be heard on the Split-EP "Echtzeitreise".

Today C.Kent is making more and more solo-tracks and his style changed from breakbreat-electro to electro-pop. In 2004 he founded the internet-radio-station "Welt am Draht", where he is broadcasting all kind of electronic music. News about the latest activities and plans of Benzol are yet not known. He became... invisible!?

Releases on Kommando 6:
- Track: Der Unsichtbare "Motorimkopf" on V.A. "Dark Rooms" (K6-I), 2002
- LP: Der Unsichtbare "Die elektronische Kindheit" (K6-IV), 2002
- LP: C.Kent "Mein Zeichen" (K6-XI), 2003
- Split-EP: Der Unsichtbare/C.Kent "Echtzeitreise" (K6-XVI), 2005

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