Manasyt from Bulgaria started his music career during in 2002, during a long stay in the USA. When he sent out his first demo CDs in 2003, his productions received immediate reactions. Kommando 6 was the first label that released some of his stuff. Soon after he got offers from various other labels. In the meantime he had releases on Roulette Recordz, Touchin Bass, Bunker Records and other electro and electrotech labels. In 2005 Manasyt left his last US-residence Detroit and returned to Europe (Bulgaria).

Releases on Kommando 6:
- EP: "Junk Mail" (K6-IX), 2003
- Track: They came for me for V.A. Dark Beat Detector (K6-XII), 2004
- Track: Elevenhoursnorth for V.A. Electric Nights Vol.2 (K6-XVIII), 2005


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