Alex Nôrinh

Nôrinh (from Melbourne, Australia) was intrigued by electronic music from an early age, scouring the radio in the early hours of the morning for very limited broadcasts of the genre in Australia. From his first contact with electronic music, he always wanted more of the synthetic world, which grew into a deep passion for the unlimited boundaries and possibilites electronic music provided. As the years past, his understanding of synthesis and music composition grew, gaining influence from techno & electro. Finally a focus grew on dark electro, where the focus remains. With the "Unrest" EP, Kommando 6 released an exclusive selection of Alex Nôrinh's productions.

Releases on Kommando 6:

- Unrest, EP, K6-XIV, 2004
- Dibreed Obnians, contribution for V.A. "Dark Beat Detector", K6-XII, 2004
- Reign of Control, contribution for V.A. "Electric Nights", K6-XVIII, 2005

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