Bloodfire alias Slick Rogers

Slick Rogers started with dj-ing in 1987. He was resident at some New Wave/EBM/Industrial clubs in his hometown Augsburg (South-Germany) back in those days. In the 1990s he got into Electro and was one of the resident DJs at the legendary party series Elektrik Nacht. Today he still spins records at various clubs and bars in Augsburg. Besides, he occasionally produces his own tracks, which he exclusively released on Kommando 6. "The Driver" EP was a compilation of his best tracks.

Releases on Kommando 6:
- "Drive me to a secret place" (track for V.A. "Dark Rooms", K6-I), 2002
- "Thrill me" (track for V.A. "Dark Connections", K6-VI), 2003
- "The Driver EP", K6-VII, 2004
- "Move" (track for V.A. "Electric Nights" Vol.1, K6-XVII), 2005

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